Our approach

Research to Glow and Grow’ is all about building great brands and communications.

We love this expression of our research. While we use innovative methods and techniques, these are a means to an end. The important thing is what happens next; our role is to distil and interpret findings into stories and recommendations that are clear, smart and aid decision making.

In terms of the projects and research we work on, we think of them as distinct but interlinked branches: we explore, nurture, evaluate and interrogate.


Research at its most pure is about understanding people’s lives, creating a picture of their world, examining their identity and the influences that have shaped them. People are endlessly fascinating and constantly adapt to the environment and socio-cultural influences that surround them. Through a mix of observation, conversation, tasking, attitude and behaviour tracking, and even understanding their family and friends, we can get to know them, learn more about them and bring them to life.

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Twenty years ago, we pioneered research for nurturing ideas, concepts and propositions rather than testing them. In fact, that is how we choose to define our name; ‘a place where delicate ideas are nurtured and developed’. Fresh thinking, innovation and creativity needs a sensitive touch - one that is involving, optimistic and focused on potential. If an audience struggles with 99% of the idea, we focus on the 1%. We can decide later whether the ideas are right or wrong for the brand, but going into research, we treat all ideas as good ideas.

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When the brand has life, when ideas are formed into tangible pieces of communication, when the ads are made, the identity is created and the website is ready, it is time to evaluate, test and track. Are people satisfied with their experience, is the brand growing in awareness, has it greater stature and are there shifts in consideration? At this stage, it’s essential to consider when to focus on brand objectives and when to focus on category, when we are concerned with status now and when we are about mapping out the future. Distilling objectives into KPIs helps, but we never lose sight of impact and effect in helping brands build engagement and sustain fame.

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Interrogation is all about finding nuggets in all the information you have, whether this comes from sales performance and survey data, brand status or performance and identity. Our data scientists simulate and model relevant data to better understand behaviour and drivers, while our research community undertake brand and category audits that identify what is working, what can change and what needs to change. We often supplement this with consumer feedback loops to bring insight and hypotheses to life. This is a less traditional but growing side of research as data owners seek to better understand and maximise value on the information they already possess.

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