The Nursery Health

Brand development from the experts in brand communications - for the experts in health

We are experts at growing brands across all sectors.

Our healthcare offering has grown organically through clients looking for a more strategic and creative approach in this sector.

We marry the latest thinking from marketing and research science with the world of health to unlock insight and creativity.

To do this we employ highly customised research approaches, for both global and more localised projects.

Helping you elevate your products and services into meaningful and memorable brands.

What we cover


It has never been more important to create distinctive Rx products and services that communicate clearly and cut through.

Inspired by the consumer world, we help clients elevate products into memorable and intuitive brands that can engage HCPs, Procurement and Patients alike.


As self-care is on the rise and pharmacists look set to play an even bigger advisory role – understanding the consumer health world is key. We bring insight as to how shoppers navigate the range of branded and unbranded products available, helping clients sharpen their packaging, advertising and comms.


From diet and nutrition, to fitness and wellness – leading a healthy lifestyle has become increasingly important to consumers. We help clients find compelling USPs to create ‘must have’ brands in this growing category.

What we do


From patient journeys to positioning research – our developmental qual hunts for the potential in ideas, helping you create human, engaging and stand out brands.


Whether scoping the market, unearthing usage and attitudes, or delivering a PMCF – we have a sophisticated range of quantitative tools to provide sharp business insights.


Our analytics can help you develop a smart segmentation, pitch your pricing just right or help with predicting customer behaviour.


We can help you get closer to your customers and patients by understanding what they’re talking about and sharing.

Our Experience

Therapy Areas

Whether oncology, wounds or wearable tech, we love getting to the heart of different therapy areas.

We work closely with your stakeholders and our own network of HCPs to ensure the research is nuanced to your specific challenges.


From KOLs to consumers, we’re experienced at talking to varied and complex audiences and engaging them in the research process.

We encourage conversations that happen in the workplace to playout in a research environment. This enables us to explore who are the key influencers in the adoption of new products and systems.

Global Reach

We’ve spanned the globe in the name of Health. Here’s an example of our global reach.

We take time to understand the nuances of each market, working closely with partner agencies and fully managing every aspect of the process.


Case Studies

Captivating Kids

We helped develop a compelling launch campaign for an ONS product against fierce competition.

By reframing the ‘chore’ of drinking an ONS into something fun and enjoyable, kids were more willing to comply with their treatment. HCPs loved that the interactive campaign helped with patient compliance, encouraging them to choose this product over the competition.

Powerful Packaging

Our research helped our advanced woundcare client develop intuitive packaging with real stockroom stand out.

We identified heuristics to clearly code the products – increasing recognition of the brand, cutting down on misuse of products and in turn, helping with economies.

Improving IBS

A deep dive into the lifestyles, symptoms, shopping habits and attitudes of IBS sufferers.

A mix of qual, quant and data analytics helped our client segment the market, creating nuanced and targeting comms according to sufferers needs.