12.18 @ The Nursery

A world of trusted inspirers

Teenagers are true influencers. They are at the leading edge of trends, they are the early adopters of behaviours that influence those who came before and the generations following in their footsteps. They push the boundaries and challenge ideas.

They are creative, imaginative & genuine. They are full of ideas, open minded & thoughtful. They challenge, inform and inspire us. For many adults, they are trusted advisors. For researchers, they are a lens to the future.

We don’t patronise and we don’t shortcut. We give 12.18s the mic but also make sure they’re comfortable picking it up and owning it.

Our key principles when talking to young people:

1. Influencer emphasis

They are there as experts, their opinion matters

2. Our terms, their spaces

No dumbing down, no parent-child, just age appropriate adaptation

3. Adapt not reduce

The settings may be different but the process is purposeful, with clear expectations and shared objectives

Whether you have a specific objective to address, want to understand them or see them as the spark for new ideas, just talk to them!

To find out more, read our latest blog and get in touch at hello@the-nursery.net

Brands our young inspirers have helped shape


Over the past few years, we have helped Girlguiding with their brand refresh. This included talking to girls about purpose, uniforms, logos, iconography and design. We used different methods to adapt to the different age ranges within the organisation. The refreshed brand launched in March 2023.​

T Levels

We partnered with DfE to help develop T Levels, which have become a transformational qualification in education. We travelled round the UK talking to teens, parents and teachers which helped inform the positioning and future marketing of T Levels as the next level qualification.  ​


Having partnered Subway for several years, we regularly speak to their teenage customers. With teens being a key consumer for the brand, we adapt methods and tasks to the audience such as TikTok pre-tasks, in store interviews and remote sessions.​


​Gaming has grown from a niche subculture to a mainstream family activity. In our online, gaming community, we explored new genres, styles and ideas covering parents, teens and kids. Our insight helped reveal gaming as a positive, central connection for families.​

12.18 Ethical Policy

Teenagers are the heart of everything 12.18 does. See our 12.18 Ethical Policy for more information.