Gender Agenda: Masculinity

We recently collaborated with VCCP in their latest Collaborative report, ‘Gender Agenda: Modern Masculinity,’ it is the first in a series of papers examining what gender and gender representation mean today. 

A heightened focus on the representation of women in comms over the last few years has that meant masculinity has often been overlooked. Discussed in this report is the role which the Marketing & Advertising industry can play in portraying healthy male/ masculine role models and dynamics.  The report examines male identity today, how maleness is portrayed in comms, the impact this has on customer behaviour, and the techniques that marketers & agencies could look to use to better serve society. 

There is no quick fix at hand, but the learnings should prompt and encourage a reevaluation of our current understanding and perceptions of modern “Masculinity” while giving brands an advantage in understanding how to better speak with their male audiences while behaving as an empathetic and responsible brand.

Contact Hannah Whitney for more information and click here to download the full report