Fuelling future growth strategies through innovation big and small

WHY  Innovation ensures that brands remain relevant by staying at the forefront of meeting HCP and patient need. Our client wanted to grow their brand by understanding how to innovate in a way which solved real problems. Problems truly experienced by HCPs working at the coal face and patients living with their disease and knock on effects. We were mindful that our HCPs and patients needed inspiration as well as exploring what they may need, now and over time. We remained sensitive to the patients’ individual prognoses in the context of future ideas.

WHAT  Our international workshop program and research operated across various HCPs and oncology patient profiles. We explored the options available, the problems to solve and the appeal and helpfulness of various potential solutions. We paid attention to ideas big and small.

SO WHAT  Our work helped fuel product innovation, brand positioning strategy as well as frame all-encompassing services development. The success of this work has been as much about stakeholder engagement as new ideas and our process mirrored this dual requirement.