CEO - David Alterman takes a moment to reflect on wrong shoes

At the weekend my wife ran a half marathon. Not only did she finish with a smile on her face, but she finished first in her age group (information about which age group is unavailable).

It might be a coincidence, but every morning she gets out of bed, puts on her running shoes and runs. Come race day it is just another opportunity to do what she does so well.

I, however, have a different approach to my morning runs. Before venturing outside I check the weather conditions, the chances of rain, the wind speed and direction, the temperature (including wind-chill factor). Then I do a mental audit of my body to review current aches and pains, and importantly potential aches and pains were I to run. I then check the train timetable if it is an office day, consider any potential running obstacles e.g. school drop off, muddy track, trees down in the neighbourhood, other pavement blockages.

Once this thorough and responsible process has been completed, if there are no further issues, I put on my Brooks running shoes and run (if my shuffle/stagger can be described as such).

Once it is all over (including lengthy recovery time) there is a warm glow of satisfaction which does makes me wonder if I should get out there more often.

Good planning is a discipline that reduces errors and helps mitigate risk. Just thinking whether there are times in one’s life when one should ‘just do it’?

Ah but I have realised the problem. I am wearing the wrong brand of running shoes.

David Alterman,

Chief Executive Officer