We’re delighted to announce the winners of our first ever Acorn Award: Francesca Hardman and Sarah Kirkby

We’re delighted to announce the winners of our first ever recipients of The Nursery Acorn Award: our very own Francesca Hardman and Sarah Kirkby.

Frankie and Sarah were nominated by Lucy Foylan, Account Director, for their innovative and practical approach to recent research seeking to understand the impact of pack format in the fresh food sector.

Here’s what Lucy had to say:

Together, the team delivered on a challenging brief - our client wanted a big sample across the country who could respond to a survey about look, feel and sensation of a range of different packaging formats. The team recognised that tactile response was vital and simply showing pictures on a screen was not going to let us dig deep enough. This meant they needed to co-ordinate the delivery of refrigerated products to a huge range of homes across the country whilst also ensuring people understood how to respond to the survey.

·         Frankie designed a survey to focus attention on format rather than design and encourage sensory rather than rational response

·         Sarah managed the logistics of recruiting, communicating and ensuring hand delivery of a huge range of products with a short life span to a wide range of people in multiple locations

Their creative planning, hard work and adaptability enabled us to deliver a 96% completion rate and a successful client presentation with clear, evidence linked findings. This success has given us a platform to develop more hybrid qual/quant techniques and methodologies which we will be delivering to our clients in 2022. 

The Acorn Awards are all about celebrating the ingenuity, success, and hard work of The Nursery community. Introduced by Mathilde Flannery, our partner representative on The Nursery Board, they are designed to ensure we are always striving for better. Every six months, we encourage nominations and contributions with the winner chosen by The Nursery Board. Well done Frankie and Sarah, who are very worthy inaugural winners.