The 2023 EPHMRA Conference

Winning Insights: Young Professional Grant Winner's Main Takeaway's

We were delighted when our partner, Senior Research Executive Alice, was announced as a winners of the Young Professionals Grant to attend the 2023 EPHMRA Conference.

Read on to discover her key takeaways on the medical research shaping the future.

A couple of weeks on from the EPHMRA Conference 2023 there are three key themes that have continued to stand out to me:

1. There is a need for a more holistic approach to understanding patients and HCPs as people, to deepen our understanding of their behaviour.

Hearing about the ‘deepest desires’ of oncologists through psychoanalysis style interviewing showcased the innovation of methodology and is an exciting incorporation of my psychology background in a profound way

2. Generational differences in the research industry are growing.

'The employee is now the most influential stakeholder’ highlighted the growing differences in the needs and wants from the workplace. Both the nodding heads in the room and the many conversations I had made it is clear that my opinions as a millennial/gen z are valued and, fingers crossed, space is being made for us as newcomers to have our own platform at EPHMRA to contribute from

3. AI isn’t going anywhere.

Every talk over the three days had their own angle, but there are still a lot of question marks. It clearly has a place in the future of MR but how that looks is going to need a lot more time invested before we reap the time saving rewards. it’s not replacing human insight in market research just yet!

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