Unlocking the Power of Sponsorship

Is It the Right Move for Your Brand?

Sponsorship is a fantastic way to reach key audiences in the market at a high frequency but the pay off is not equal for all brands.

When does sponsorship work especially well?

  1. Larger brands to help keep the brand top of mind – particularly in a competitive market. Just Eat’s previous sponsorship of The X Factor with their ‘Chef Factor’ hunt is a great example of breaking out from competitors with a memorable, relevant and mass-market sponsorship.
  2. Reaching a small/niche audience – when a brand is trying to reach a niche market, it is often more efficient to target via core programming/events rather than mass market media.

However, sponsorship is not a vehicle for growth - even prime programming/events only reach a small proportion of the population. The value in sponsorship comes from frequency, keeping the brand top of mind & strengthening perceptions amongst a core audience.

Sponsorship is most impactful when it aligns with brand values or core assets. Go.Compare sponsoring The Voice is perfect as singing is a core part of the brand, whilst Yorkshire Tea sponsoring cricket plays on the strong British connection. This makes it easier to create & keep that connection with the brand.

This doesn’t mean sponsorship can’t be used to shift current perceptions though, aligning with more aspirational programming/events is a great way to elevate a brand. Sponsoring prime time programming or big sports events can influence perceptions of a brand through association (as well as being a great PR opportunity). Aldi’s previous sponsorship of The Great British Bake Off is a great example here; Aldi has worked hard to shake off their budget image & demonstrate quality, sponsoring such a big, well-loved programme helped solidify their status as a more mass-market supermarket.

Overall whether sponsorship is right for your brand or not depends on what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to reach a niche audience or mass market? Are you trying to maintain or grow the brand? Do you want to consolidate or change attitudes?

Answering these core questions will help in finding the right opportunity & fit for your brand.

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