The Nursery Celebrates International Women's Day

In light of International Women’s Day this year, we wanted to pass the mic over to all the amazing people who identify as female who make The Nursery the fantastic place to work that it is. We asked them to share what they love most about being a woman, their greatest achievements and the best advice they have received that they carry with them in their working life.

What advice would you give to your younger self or other women?

Emmaleigh Davis – Senior Research Executive

Be confident in your opinions and thoughts. This is often discouraged in girls from a young age however it’s an important reminder that what we have to say is just as important.

Salma Ewies – Research Executive

They say that out of all the people you will meet: 1/3 of people will like you, 1/3 of people will be neutral and the last 1/3 will dislike you. Others like us and judge us less harshly than we think and the ‘spotlight affect’ exaggerates our negative self-perceptions.  Women in particular are conditioned to people please and act more agreeable. Practise letting this go! You don’t have to please everyone, much like not everyone you meet will please you. And that’s fine!  The longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself, your opinion of you matters so much more than anyone else’s. Work on that first and the rest will follow. You’ll start to care less and less about external opinion.

Sophie Marder – Associate Director

Just go for it!!! Don’t overthink it

Philippa Harvey – Operations Manager

Life is short and will flash past you in a blink of an eye so take the opportunities that come your way, do not doubt yourself or abilities EVER.  

Don’t every worry about others’ opinions of you, it is their issue and an utter waste of your energy.

There is never a right time to have babies, there is never enough money!

Be happy in your own skin now, you will look back at photos of yourself in your younger years and say “I was OK, what was I worried about”


Don't become financially dependent on another person

Save more / pay into pension earlier

Take more risks

Go on more city breaks

Don’t do stuff you don’t really want to do out of concern for other’s feelings. Just say no..


Don’t change yourself to fit into what you think is expected in a work environment. You can be powerful and assertive, while still being caring and compassionate. Don’t be afraid to be your whole, wonderful, multifaceted self.  

Melanie Bigoni – Managing Director

Don’t wait for validation – try it, fail, try it again and just keep trying – you may not get where you planned to get but you will progress and just because you failed does not mean you are a failure. You are brilliant!

Elena Geatches – Head of Health

You’re a better version of yourself when everything is balanced, so decide which are the most important things to you and devote most time and energy to those!

Is there a piece of advice you’ve been given that has become your mantra?  

Sophie Marder - Associate Director

My favourite quote is from Maya Angelou & I try to live my life by it.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel”

Elena Geatches – Head of Health

You get what you focus on.

If you want change, do something different.

Pick your battles.
People don’t remember what you say, they remember how they felt when they were with you.


Life is short to worry.

Be kind, respect and treat others well.

Every Day is a School Day.

Look after yourself.

What has been the biggest success/ proudest moment in your career so far?

Sophie Marder – Associate Director

A real high that relates to being a woman was when I presenting to a bunch of middle-aged men who all worked in the automotive industry. It was sea of senior men & they were listening to me, a 20 something woman, tell them what to do with their advertising. They saw me as the expert. I felt so powerful in that moment.

Philippa Harvey – Operations Manager

Apart from my kids (obviously!) my proudest moment was getting a degree at the age of 42, whilst being a mum, working full-time and studying.  I’d left school at 16 with a handful of “O” levels (as was) and went straight to work, but always felt unfulfilled.  I decided to train for a vocational degree and undertook a Bsc Hons in Therapeutic Radiography.  I had to complete a 1-year Access course to apply as I didn’t have any “A” levels.  It was hard work and challenging but never for one minute regretted doing it!

Elena Geatches – Head of Health

When someone in my team, whom I really respect, shared that I brought out the best in them and so they loved working together.  They also moved to join my new team when I moved companies, and that was a massive deal to me

Melanie Bigoni – Managing Director

There isn’t one moment, but I will never not love seeing young women thrive and succeed in the workplace (and in life). I try really hard to now be the person that I needed to cheer my younger self on.


God there have been so many, hard to choose.  Sadly, not that many recently, thanks for reminding me.

Nothing trumps giving birth to new human beings.

What is it that you particularly love about being a woman?

Izzy Fox- Marketing and Operations Executive

There is an unspoken sense of relatability that you just have with other women purely because you ARE a woman. It’s like a sisterhood. Supporting one and other and seeing those in your network thrive is one of the best things.

Sophie Marder – Associate Director

The deeper & emotional bonds & connections you can build as women.

Philippa Harvey – Operations Manager

That I made babies! How amazing are our bodies!


Relationships with female friends.  Being a mum/relationship with the kids

Emmaleigh Davis – Senior Research Executive

One thing I love about being a women is the support we offer each other. Whether that be a mother, a friend, colleague or sister

Melanie Bigoni – Managing Director

The absolute best thing in life is to be surrounded by brilliant, funny women. The best and most rewarding investment you can ever make is to put time and effort into friendships and work relationships with women.