The ever-changing world of automotive 

We have partnered with a host of automotive brands for nearly two decades but change has never been as dramatic as in the past 5 years. This change has related not only to the type of cars people want but also how they buy, access, use and feel about brands.  

Whilst exciting developments in zero-emission, software-defined vehicles and flexible mobility solutions are on the horizon, our focus remains on understanding how these innovations will resonate with the ever-evolving needs and circumstances of consumers. 

The recent slowdown in EV adoption illustrates how political, economic and ergonomic factors can throw unexpected bumps in the road. Similarly, delays and back-tracking on the switch to agency models also highlights the need to understand how moving to new modes of commerce may affect the consumer experience.      

We’ve seen an explosion in partnerships between traditional automotive brands and a diverse array of experts in the fields of sustainability, entertainment, finance and technology. Buying a car is now much more obviously linked to a whole range of other purchases, such as household tech and attitudes to finances, so our extensive experience in other sectors is invaluable for understanding the broader context of consumer behaviour.  

In terms of type of research we offer, we centre this around our four core areas of expertise: 

  • Exploration: buyer segmentations, market scoping, brand reviews and consumer stories. 
  • Development: proposition, concept and creative development. 
  • Evaluation: campaign and brand health tracking. 
  • Interrogation: data analytics around buyer journeys and satisfaction metrics. 

Here are some of the Automotive brands we have helped to glow and grow:  

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Ozan Dogruer, Account Director

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