CEO - David Alterman takes a moment to reflect on New Friends

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to eat out at Riverford Field Kitchen, an organic restaurant run by Riverford Organic – the people who provide the healthy veg boxes.

Luckily our sat nav was working well because on a dark wet January evening finding your way to the place, tucked away deep in the heart of Devon, on the edge on Dartmoor isn’t the easiest.

But once we got there, oh my word, what a treat.

It wasn’t that we had wandered into a Michelin starred palace or similar. It was refreshingly unpretentious. You pre-order a set menu which is then plated up at one end of the building, which did give it a bit of a feel of a school canteen. But that only added to the appeal – staff were friendly and engaged and service was seamless and efficient. And it put the focus on the food (and drinks) – and the freshness and the flavour of the vegetable based dishes that kept coming our way was just sublime.

I will be back.

So why has my blog lurched into the restaurant review business now? Well what got me really excited about going to Riverford, over and above the knowledge that we would have a great night out – is that like The Nursery, Riverford Organic are an Employee Owned B Corp. They’ve been on the same journey as us!

And that little bond kept a smile on my face all through the evening.

So the least I can do is to make sure if anyone from the Riverford team is up in London you are absolutely welcome to pop into our London Office for a cup of coffee, maybe Hannah will have made more of her wonderful Banana Loaf as well if we are lucky.

We EO BCorps must stick together you know – now we are all best friends.