Finding insight in the data

The Nursery made its reputation for conducting great qualitative and quant survey research to help solve client problems. But sometimes it is not about collecting data, but about making sense of the data we already have.  We have a dedicated Data Science and Visualisation Team with a single-minded mission to help drive insight from data. Whatever the challenge we are up for it. But typically, we find ourselves helping clients in one of the following ways:

Data Collection
Sometimes direct questions are not going to you to the heart of the problem, so advanced survey techniques such as maxdiff or conjoint can help us assess feature importance, or applying advanced analytic techniques to standard survey questions, such as driver analysis and machine learning, can shine a light on next steps 

Other times you have data gathering dust in the bottom drawer. It could be anything from customer on-boarding data, social media comments, reviews and forums, transactional or spend data but you are not quite sure how to leverage it. We can investigate patterns in the data to unlock insight into customer behaviour, or profiles you haven’t previously been aware of. At the very least we can give you some hypotheses to test in subsequent research

Combine Data
Data from different sources can be difficult bedfellows but we are up for any challenge. We can combine data sources, to make survey data and business data work together to give you a more impactful, holistic view of your customers and uncover patterns in the data

Analytics & Analysis

Words are data too. And sometimes a particularly intractable form of data. Using text analytics, machine learning and sentiment analysis, we turn your unstructured text into a quantifiable measure of performance and insight into what the customer is really saying about your brand.

Interactive Dashboard
And analysis only gets you so far. How you deliver it can be just as important. So we provide our bespoke Nursery Dash interactive dashboards, to put all your information in one place, at the fingertips of those who need it most, or condensed to a single intuitive view of the key points for senior stakeholders.

Above all, we believe in using data to help your business grow, with clear objectives and business goals at front of mind through design, implementation and reporting.