CEO - David Alterman takes a moment to reflect on New Years Resolutions

I was sorely tempted to make some fresh resolutions for 2023.

The combination of relaxed time away from the office and the invariable optimism of starting a new year energised and untainted by the challenges we faced in 2022, creates a natural window to lay down some markers for the year ahead.

The problem is that every year the resolutions are the same: get out running more, broaden my cooking repertoire, watch fewer repeats of 3rd division football matches on Sky, get my finances in order, be nice to the cat, play the piano more, drink less wine, drink less beer, eat fewer chocolate biscuits.

They didn’t work last year, or the year before that, so the omens aren’t great for 23.

But I am going to dust off something I noticed pinned to a toilet door at the school where I used to be a governor. I know this doesn’t sound promising but bear with me.

The note simply said:


Before you say (or write) something check

Is it True

Is it Helpful

Is it Inspiring

Is it Necessary

Is it Kind

Or as Claudius pithily summed it up in Act 3 Scene 3 of Hamlet ‘Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”

I’ll let you know how I get on.