Yorkshire Tea: Becoming number one 

Yorkshire Tea: Becoming number one 

Yorkshire Tea is a much-loved brand with a high percentage of very loyal buyers. But it had a bold ambition; to become the second biggest tea brand in the UK. Tracking research had shown that the only way for Yorkshire Tea to grow was to reach out to new tea drinkers. Yorkshire Tea commissioned Lucky Generals to create an impactful, widely recognised campaign that would put the brand in the mind of PG and Tetley drinkers.

We have been working with Yorkshire Tea since 2009 to evaluate and refine their marketing activity. We run five waves of brand and comms tracking per annum providing constructive evaluation and recommendations (on creative, media, targeting and brand).

With the launch of ‘Where Everything's Done Proper’, Yorkshire Tea not only overtook Tetley but has also closed in on PG Tips. Tracking data was paramount in demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaign in converting non-drinkers to Yorkshire Tea. Our results featured heavily in a number of research papers, winning (to date) an IPA Effectiveness Gold and an Effie.

“We’ve worked with The Nursery for many years so it’s a truly long term partnership and they’ve been essential to the success of our branded business. The insight they provide, paired with critical strategic advice has been a real source of strength for our marketing. I don’t think Yorkshire Tea could’ve grown to become UK number one without them.”

Dom Dwight - Marketing Director, Taylors of Harrogate