Vanguard: Investments for all

Vanguard: Investments for all

We have been working with Vanguard since 2019 when they launched in the UK retail investor market. In that time the partnership has gone from strength-to-strength. Our initial work helped Vanguard and their creative agency AML development the ‘Value to Investors’ campaign – with its distinctive music and clever use of the iconic ‘V’ sign. This involved speaking to mass market and investor audiences through a mix of groups, depth interviews (e.g. with IFAs), online communities and tasks. With each iteration of the campaign research helps optimise and advise.

The campaign required robust measurement to highlight its long-term impact and potential. Brand tracking has provided clear evidence of campaign effectiveness for the business, growing from a relatively little-known company to one of the most-mentioned brands in the category. The success seen in tracking reflects excellent business results for Vanguard, with impressive acquisition rates in the same period.

A rapidly growing customer base put the spotlight on service and operations. Alongside market tracking we now run a detailed customer experience research programme - understanding what drives customer satisfaction so the business can act promptly and provide the best possible service to investors.

This multi-faceted research approach has given clear direction to Vanguard on how best to continue this success, and it is a genuine delight to work with the team as the brand and business evolves.

"The Nursery have long been a go-to partner for us when it comes to all things research. They are terrific at identifying and translating the heartbeats and brainwaves of all types of audiences. Whilst diverse in speciality, background and personality, the team at the Nursery all have one key quality in common – their enjoyment of their working relationships means they’re always keen to help. And whether it’s a brand tracker, a joint study into attitudes and behaviours, a power breakfast on the role of influencers or campaign evaluation across wholesale and end customer audiences, they have never failed to meet or exceed our expectations."

Christian Barnes, Head of Strategy, AML Group.

“It’s awesome working with you and your entire team, The Nursery are amazing at what you do and have been wonderful research partners for Vanguard and immensely helped our business. Crucially, you’re all a real pleasure to work with!!!”   

Yann Monnet, Head of Marketing, Vanguard