British Airways: people, planet, business

British Airways: people, planet, business

Flying is magic – connecting people and places and bringing diverse cultures closer together. Technologically, environmentally and logistically it’s an incredibly complex market, one where intelligent analysis can provide a real competitive difference. We are, therefore, immensely proud of our research for British Airways the flag carrier of the United Kingdom.

Our work spans the full range of research services from focus groups, airport intercepts and communities to multinational quantitative studies with advanced data science. We’ve explored and optimised the whole experience from buying to flying to caring.

Next time you travel with BA consider how our insights have helped shape the design of the lounges and the in-flight experience. Our creative development research helped Uncommon Creative Studio optimise the brand advertising, and our work on the cost-of-living ensures BA is understands the pressures people are facing.

BA recognises that flying has an environmental cost, which is why they’re taking urgent action to tackle the effects it has on our planet. Research from The Nursery has shaped the steps BA are taking for people, planet and business.

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