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What we do

We help brands grow throughout the planning process, anywhere in the world. We don’t have a set approach; we look at each brief afresh and recommend methodology to suit. This could be qualitative, quantitative or both: we particularly like mixing methodologies and adding in creative techniques to look at issues from a range of angles.

From the earliest market exploration studies through strategic and creative development to pre-testing and brand impact evaluation, we focus on how brands and communications can work harder and grow faster.

Here’s a selection of our techniques and approaches. We’d love to discuss which would work best for your brief.


1 let s spend some time together 1454334256

Let’s spend some time together

Our family, friends, jobs, passions and interests reveal a lot about our relationships with products, ideas and brands. Just spending time with people, families and friends is revealing and helps us work out how best to communicate with them. We use mobile ethnography, documentaries, home visits, co-discoveries, dinner dates and more.

4 exploration workshops 1454337090

Exploration Workshops

When you don’t know what you need to know. Extended workshops explore themes and concepts with role plays, debates, co-creation, idea storms, illustrators and vox pops.

5 ask the experts 1454333812

Ask the Experts

Put the segmentation to one side and think about your audience from a fresh perspective. Experts in a range of fields can provide unique insights. We talk to chefs about fast food, bartenders about cocktails and bank managers about current accounts.

6 cafe qual 1454333936

Café Qual

Some of the greatest creative thinkers figured it out over coffee. We rent out coffee shops to conduct pre-recruited or off the street espresso depths to explore just about anything.

7 employee mood 1454343141

Employee Mood

Employees deliver the brand to its customers. But how do they feel when they tell people where they work? What does it say about them, how proud are they to work there, how fundamentally loyal are they, and what does the company brand really mean to them? Employee Mood Manager uses a mix of qual and quant tracking to explore, measure and develop the relationship employees have with their employer brand - stimulated, anxious, reassured or bored and the impact this has on loyalty and advocacy.

8 journey research 1454337272

Journey Research

Customer journeys aren’t the rational path from A to B that most so-called journey maps suggest they should be. We’ve developed a revolutionary smartphone app that lets us capture all the spontaneous, random influences on decision making and make sense of the contexts that dictate journeys in the real world.

2 get off the sofa 1454337284

Get off the sofa!

To understand behaviour you need action as well as words. We set people tasks either in person or online and ask them to record their progress and share their experiences.

3 nursery segmentation 1454337340

Nursery Segmentation

Too many segmentation studies create generic segments that are sound statistically but don’t help you grow your brands. We start with your business needs, and use state of the art survey and statistical design to describe your market in a way that reflects those needs, and deliver this in a way that clarifies, mobilises and energises your team. This makes Nursery Segmentations equally effective in the UK and around the world.


10 creative dig and dive 1454337668

Creative Dig and Dive

Helping great advertising campaigns germinate from seeds to big beautiful flowers was our first love. We still apply the same passion to developing your territories, concepts and creative ideas in any media anywhere in the world – often using qual and quant together to gain breadth as well as depth.

11 digital development 1454337560

Digital Development

We have a comprehensive toolkit to develop and evaluate your digital presence. Google Analytics provides the digital backdrop while qual usability studies identify how people behave at your site, with your app, and how that affects not just their experience but your brand. Cookie tracking and online surveys enable us to link brand response to proven opportunities to see for robust measures of campaign performance.

14 kidzone 1454337542


Kids think differently. Our kids techniques include playing football, going to McDonalds, getting parents to ask the questions and lots of observation. We prioritise fun but our techniques are based on child development theory.

13 greenhouse start ups 1454337656

Greenhouse Start-ups

Start-ups are fresh, exciting and deserve some help. We were one once! So we develop low cost research programmes to help set new brands on their way.

12 the design review 1454342158

The Design Review

People react differently to design than creative work. We know when reviewing design - whether visual identity, logos or packaging - that the focus is on meaning rather than appeal. We combine qual and quant to understand impact and communication, and help you maximise both.


15 brand proposition testing 1454337601

Brand Proposition Testing

Our unique approach to proposition testing focuses on exploring how fresh brand propositions can change brand relationships. Using a brand/proposition/brand sandwich we generate brand shifts on core metrics to see how new positionings can impact on the brand. Tailored diagnostics provide forensic analysis of exactly how the proposition is working, and how we can make it work harder.

16 brand impact pre testing 1454337588

Brand Impact Pre-Testing

Our unique approach to pre-testing explores how creative content can change brand relationships. Using 24 hour after recall we can focus on what the ad leaves behind, not just what consumers notice. Brand shifts help us to explain advertising effect, while tailored diagnostics provide guidance on how to make it more effective. Reference benchmarks provide further context on ad performance and help you make better advertising decisions.


19 nursery on show 1454337518

Nursery On Show

Nursery On Show brings our core capabilities together to understand how an event, sponsorship or show has changed your audience’s relationship with the brand. A 360° research programme measures response to the event amongst all relevant audiences: those attending, watching or aware, and qual exploration identifies how to improve every last detail for next time. Reporting delivers the key metrics but also brings the voice of your customer into the boardroom.

17 brand impact tracking 1454337616

Brand Impact Tracking

Our unique approach to tracking is designed to explain how marketing changes what people know and feel about your brand, but also how people behave as a result. Through data science we can link key market metrics, customer and sales data, internal performance and sensitive brand and communications measurement. The result is an integrated picture of brand performance which allows our clients to focus efforts where communications can make the most difference.

18 target campaign evaluation 1454337696

Target Campaign Evaluation

Whatever the media, we report back on campaign effectiveness in a way that suits that channel. Outdoor, radio, sponsorship, PR, print, VOD, social media or something else: we track your campaign effectiveness amongst the right audience and tailor our diagnostics to reflect how that channel works. Careful screening ensures we focus on respondents with an opportunity to see the campaign.

20 social media 1454337530

Social Media

Social media measurement should be about more than sentiment metrics; it’s a window into your customers’ worlds and a great source of insight and inspiration. We’ve developed methodologies that treat social media conversations to the same analysis we apply in traditional qual, with the option to integrate quantitative analysis too.