The Nursery's clients win six IPA Effectiveness Awards

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Working with us

Our constructive approach makes us inspiring partners. We're always looking for potential in our clients' brands, for opportunities to connect with your customers and make your brands and communications more meaningful and motivating.

We believe that to understand how brands work and how they communicate you also need to understand your customers and how they think and behave. Only then can we work out how your brand will best fit into their lives. So we offer a range of products designed to look at people, brands and communications from every angle and identify the potential in every situation.

We have a great team of specialist researchers who spend every working day thinking about brands and brand communications. We understand that to be helpful research has to inspire our clients to make confident decisions.

We don't believe in reportage: we offer our opinion at every stage from brief to feedback. We see it as our responsibility to challenge assumptions and make clear, evidence-based recommendations.

Case studies

Direct Line

Direct Line turned the insurance market upside down in 1985 by cutting out the broker. But its price-driven proposition was soon under threat from countless cheap competitors, and consumers began...

NHS Blood and Transplant: Ensuring a supply of O negative

To meet demand for O negative blood, NHS Blood & Transplant wanted to understand O negative donors better. The challenge was to help them improve communications, ensure frequency of donation...


Travelodge was the first budget hotel chain in the UK, but Premier Inn had successfully captured a leadership position for brand preference. Travelodge wanted to reclaim this crown and required...


Subway operate in 111 countries nationally with more than 40,000 restaurants – more than any other chain. In each country there is a need to strike a balance between delivering...

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