National Trust for Scotland

Case Study: National Trust for Scotland

The challenge

National Trust for Scotland is a leading charity caring for a wide range of natural and built treasures in Scotland. A large part of their work is allowing members and paying guests to visit their sites. This can range from a mountain walk to a small cottage housing a museum, to a famous battlefield. National Trust for Scotland wanted to understand the experience its visitors were getting from a visit in a short, not too invasive manner.

Our approach

We worked with National Trust for Scotland to design a short visitor experience survey that utilises a few key ratings followed by open-ended questions. These open-ended responses are analysed for sentiment and coded to provide the insight into the experience. The respondent can choose to answer the survey on-site via a tablet or at their leisure via an online survey.


Operational staff utilise the results on a daily basis, which are updated automatically before the start of the working day. This provides the sites with feedback on their scores and access to their verbatims so they can act immediately. Longer term results are used by regional and head office staff to understand experience and tailor the visitor offer.

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