National Accident Helpline

Case Study: National Accident Helpline

The challenge

National Accident Helpline faces an unusually tough challenge. As a compensation claims company it works in a category which people hope they never have to take use; what’s more it is one that has been undermined by more mercenary and less trustworthy providers. So building a brand that is relevant and memorable just in case has thrown up some challenges, and the team at NAH have been working with The Nursery for almost 10 years to help develop its brand strategy.

Our approach

We worked with NAH to provide market intelligence as part of a review of overall brand strategy and direction. In order to better understand the dynamics at play in their unique market we designed a series of research elements to explore how and why people decide to pursue compensation claims (or not) and whether or not brand differentiation and preference can exist in a market which most people hope they never have to deal with.

Our integrated research programme combined an in-depth online U&A study, statistical segmentation of personal injury sufferers, depth interviews with claimants, and interactive brand workshops where researchers, marketers, planners and strategists all spent time with consumers discussing and debating the factors that led to them making a claim. We worked with the brand team to identify:

  • Brand assets and weaknesses vs. competitors
  • Decision making dynamics that drive the category
  • Six different attitudinal segments of consumers and how to best target them with communications


New brand positioning and communications campaign have been well received in brand and comms tracking with all brand KPIs moving in the right direction, and have helped shape strategy, targeting and ongoing product development.

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