Case Study: Logistics/Couriers

The challenge

Our client is a logistics company, providing solutions for parcel delivery and collection across the UK. They launched a Click and Collect Service, where customers may make a purchase from an online provider, such as Very, or John Lewis, and collect from a local store of their choosing, rather than it being delivered to a home address. The business had generated hypotheses about how the service was being used, but there was a need to test and validate these assumptions – not least who was using the service, where and why.

Our approach

The Nursery worked with the client team to gather the customer records held about each parcel, such as retailer, date and time of booking and date, time and location of collection. This gave us a dataset of circa 30 million booking records. The first part of the task was to convert this into an SQL database which could be queried, and the data appropriately shaped to address and explore some of the hypotheses in the business alongside any other patterns or observations that could be made. In particular we were able to plot the distance between home post-code and pick up point to understand detailed customer journeys


Insights from this phase of the study were then further tested and explored in a wider market survey. While the customer data gave us the shape, the “what”, the wider market survey gave us the opportunity to flesh this out, to ask the “why” and most importantly, the what next?

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