The challenge

We worked closely with a Games developer on their relaunch of a multi-platform game. The original version was published six years ago so evidence and insight were needed to inform and shape the development of the player experience and subsequent marketing campaign of the new release.

Our approach

Initially we conducted workshops with all involved in building the new Game, including developers, brand managers and marketeers. This provided an opportunity to discuss the proposed game experience the new title is seeking to deliver and identify potential motivations for people to play.

Using wider market data we already hold we were then able to plot the new title on our Game Map, identifying brands that are closest to the offer, and the audience most likely to engage with the title. We then tested available game assets (vision statement, screenshots, gameplay clips etc.) amongst the identified target audience to gauge initial reaction before finally conducting product testing allowing players to test the new game and tell us about their experience playing it.


The results have been a real eye-opener for the client. We have clearly identified where their new game will fit in the market, the size and types of player who will engage with it and the experience they are seeking from the in-play experience. This has helped the Game Developer to steer their product development and refine more meaningful and targeted messages for their marketing.

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