Financial Services

Case Study: Financial Services

The challenge

The Nursery were commissioned by a financial services organisation to analyse a range of existing internal data sources and reports to make sense of a large number of adhoc studies which in their different ways addressed similar issues, and therefore to answer some core questions:

Which audiences know most and least about the organisation – and what sort of hole exist in understanding?

What questions is existing research unable to answer - where are the gaps and how should they be filled?

What hypotheses can we develop?

What are the next steps?

Our approach

A combination of desk research, data integration and organisation and modelling of relationships between different data sources enabled us to explore answers to each of the questions above. There were challenges to overcome with incomplete data sources, changes in data collection methods from period to period, and other anomalies. But having cleaned and organised the data we were able to analyse and draw some clear conclusions re each of the above.


Our client was able to identify key drivers of brand performance in the market and re-brief media and creative agencies to focus on these key drivers in upcoming communications activity. The client was able to rationalise future research requirements and save money on proposed activity that was no longer necessary as standalone research.

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