Department for Education - Apprenticeships

Case Study: Department for Education - Apprenticeships

The challenge

Public sector campaigns face intense scrutiny, both from the media and its social cousin, and from performance-indicating measurement that can impact future funding and strategy. The task here was to reinvigorate interest in apprenticeships, engaging and reassuring stakeholders up to ministerial levels without stultifying impact.

Our approach

Potential apprentices, employers, teachers and parents were all engaged with the research. Sequential qual and quant delivered audience insights and informed creative recommendations that led to the development of ‘Fire it up’, an emotionally-driven, bold and populist creative platform that presented apprenticeships as exciting and fulfilling.


From awareness to NPS, positivity and greater consideration, the results of the campaign are compelling, creating a sense of something more relevant, ambitious, desirable, useful and rewarding. The campaign is starting to make real in-roads into the thought that only traditional, academic pathways lead to success.

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