Cruise Line

Case Study: Cruise Line

The challenge

The objectives of this project were to explore the data that a Cruise Company currently holds on booking information and customer service surveys in order to answer some key business questions about current performance.

Our approach

This first phase was to gain an understanding of the data, and what potential insights we could glean from this – and a route map for next steps

We segmented customer data to focus efforts on key customer groups.

Analysis enabled us to answer questions like:

How many new customers do we get each year, and how many of these convert to repeat customers?

How many cruises do people take?

How far in advance do they book?

How does customer satisfaction correlate with booking behaviour?

How can we segment customer attitudes by room type on cruises?


Major brand and business decisions have been made off the back of this first round of research. The finding highlighted potential gaps in the current marketing scheduling, with different customers more likely to book at different times of year. This opened the possibility of sending out the right marketing messages at the right time for the different types of prospective bookers. Spending the time tying the data together also revealed where changes in data collection, processing and storage processes could be implemented. This will make the data easier to access and combine for future research in a way which is simply not possible in the current framework. We were able to advise on how such systems may be put in place to best address the current and future business questions.

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