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Case Study: Collect+

The challenge

While Collect+ felt that they had a good understanding of many sections of their customers, they did not feel that they really understood their Click & Collect audience. They wanted to know more about why these people used their service, what appealed to them, and how their services were perceived in the wider market.

Our approach

Arkenford conducted a deep analysis of existing data that Collect+ held about their customers over time to draw a clear picture of how customers were using the service and what their patterns of behavior were. This, combined with an online survey of both wider market and existing customers, enabled us to identify key targets within the current customer base that could also be targeted in the wider population, along with the messages that would appeal to them.


By making a relatively small investment in the research before making major investment decisions, Collect+ made a much bigger net saving by ensuring that they based their decisions on evidence and were therefore targeting the right components of their business.

It has also informed and driven the content of the discussion that Collect+ have with new prospective retail partners and customers, knowing that they understand the needs and wants of their audience.

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