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The hidden world of subcultures

Exploring the hidden world

Did you know that 5% of the population identify with steampunk or that Wicca has seen a re-emergence amongst young women as a matriarchal antidote to society?

Despite their beliefs and behaviour diverging in unique ways, subcultures have persistently danced on the edge of societal norms. As part of our series exploring identity, we place a spotlight on some of the rich, characterful subcultures of the UK and also explore how people are increasingly turning to a different form of society.

To hear the full results of this research and its implication for brands in the UK , please get in touch to arrange a time for us to present the findings

This research is part of The Identity Series, where every year we explore aspects of life that touch on people’s identity.

This research got us wondering what else might be on the cusp of moving into the mainstream, and where opportunities could be for other brands. We partnered with Author and Marketing expert Helen Edwards on her acclaimed new book from Marginal to Mainstream to provide quantitative analyses and develop a tool to help predict which marginal behaviours have the potential to go mainstream.