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Shaping the video game market of the future

Open up any article relating to Covid-19 and video gaming and it becomes apparent that the sector is revelling in lockdown.  Use of video games has exploded as it becomes the way for millions of people to pass the time and stay connected without contracting Coronavirus.

But does this bubble have to burst?   

At present, all we see are stats to confirm growth; increase in volumes of sales for consoles / game titles, record activity on online game platform Steam etc….. 

But who are these new gamers?  What experience are they having? Are they here for the now or the long term?  Can we turn them into a new gaming customer of the future once they are allowed out of the house again? 

In short, this is a real opportunity for the sector, and by learning more about lockdown behaviours, motivations and experiences, there is a real opportunity to tap into this swell in player numbers for the longer term. 

We are in an ideal position to address some of these questions and help organisations maximise retention and growth of this new audience. 

Our GameVision tracker research is turned on constantly, and an initial dip into the data reveals a fascinating picture of the current gaming market and how this has changed so drastically. 

We are going to turn fresh insight into a more meaningful report to be published in July (to reflect the 3 month period of lockdown to data) to help subscribers better understand the impact on player profiles, gaming behaviour (time spent, spend), titles / genre played, aspects of games most enjoyed, etc.  

The report can include a wide range of insight tailored to your audience, including: 

  • Daily/weekly tracking of COVID-related topics. 

Access to first-hand data on issues such as impact of COVID on amount of leisure time spent gaming, budget on gaming and prospects for the coming months in terms of gaming behaviours amongst target groups. Investigating variation in proportion of newcomers to established gamers and best way to reach them.

  • Daily/weekly tracking of general gaming trends.

Access to first-hand data on issues such as genres played currently, characteristics of gaming behaviours (e.g. most frequent types of in-game activities or specific titles played) and purchase habits (e.g. how many games bought, for how much, amount of budget on video gaming) amongst chosen target groups. 

  • Bespoke comparison of pre- and current COVID-19 period. 

Investigating change in gaming behaviours and purchase habits in relation to pre-COVID period of this year. Change in amount of average weekly hours spent playing, total spend on gaming and types of in-game activities enjoyed the most during the lockdown. 

  • Explanatory analysis of video gaming trends under COVID-19 threat 

Hypotheses testing and explanatory model building aimed at providing answers to commercial questions based on outlining and explaining relationships between gaming behaviours or effect of COVID-19 on specific gaming or purchase behaviours/habits. E.g. which aspect of the lockdown influences the most spend amongst RPG gamers? Understanding cause and effect. 

  • Exploratory analysis of video gaming trends under COVID-19 threat 

Producing hypotheses on various video gaming-related topics, investigating possible models and providing businesses with suggestions towards research direction. E.g. clashing specific business questions and/or events with typical market trends and/or current COVID-influenced ones, focusing on similarities and differences, deducing formal associations between events leading to formation of initial hypotheses and suggesting the best way to approach them in terms of producing evidence-based insights. 

  • Prediction of video gaming trends in the coming months or next year. 

Drawing predictions about the market based on current and previously collected data. Time series forecasting on trends modified by the effect of COVID-19. Estimation of this effect and evaluation of its impact on specific areas of the video gaming market. 

  • Market segmentation based on response to COVID-19 

Characteristics and profiling of gamers who are willing to spend more, those who are completely new to gaming or those who expect their gaming behaviours to persist post-lockdown. What drives the differences the most and how to best approach each of the groups.  

  • Strategic and operational consulting.  

Answering specific commercial questions based on knowledge of trends and current market situation. Positioning business problems within a larger market and providing recommendations towards best course of action – both in terms of long-term goals and short-term response. Based either on a bespoke study or access to our industry data.  

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Ben Moxon

Research Lead

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