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Is your data working hard enough?

Our clients and partners are gathering data all the time. Recently we have noticed a few common issues being voiced: 

  • We tend to collect and gather data from lots of different sources, but rarely look at the overall picture 
  • Data we have collected could be better organised and more accessible  
  • There are lots of different points of view in the business, because different people are looking at different data
  • I am sure we could buy research more efficiently if we used our internal data better  
  • We are good at sharing research recommendations, but these don’t always translate to business decisions.

If any of these issues sound familiar to you, you are not alone. There are very few businesses that are really maximising the value of the increasing volumes of data they collect.

Nursery Data Plus is designed to help brand owners understand more about what they already know and where the important gaps in their knowledge are. It helps to review, organise and join up all the data they collect for more effective, business focused analysis.

The process really helps clients maximise the value of the data that they already have, so new research can be targeted at filling the knowledge gaps, rather than duplicating what we already know.

By working with our clients, we identify the data they may have, the form it’s in and what it represents. Most importantly, by understanding the big questions facing any business, Nursery Data Plus can target the search around finding the answers or developing hypotheses for further investigation.

The process can identify where there are potential opportunities or patterns in customer or supplier behaviour which can give our clients insight into how to maximise their current relationships. Nursery Data Plus can spot gaps in the existing data which may not have been noticed before and advise on what more you could get from filling these. It unlocks the insight and potential from the data you already hold, shining a light on potential areas for growth, development or retention. 

If you and your team would like to hear more about how Nursery Data Plus can help make your existing data work harder, please get in touch at

Emma McHarg

Head of Data Science

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