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From GCHQ to the Globe – the importance of the human

When Weetabix posted an image of baked beans on Weetabix, did they really anticipate the Twitter storm that would follow?  On the evening of the 9th Feb, it seemed like every British brand got involved….

But why the furore, and how did it get so many brands involved?  Well, in the first instance, this is probably the perfect moment for this to happen.  With us all (still!) stuck inside, we are somewhat socially understimulated.  Many people are actively seeking random content to go viral as a way to engage with others.  Handforth Parish council meetings, cat lawyers anyone?! 

The tweet itself puts together two iconic British brands in an unpredictable manner, challenging normal perceptions.  But the real magic started to happen when there was a genuine sense of banter between the brand and the responses.  And then between other brands altogether By not just posting the tweet and leaving others reply, the social media team at Weetabix managed to generate that most sought after of commodities – authenticity. 

While it is easy for most people to think of marketers as cynical people in sharp suits, the truth is most of them are pretty normal people. With a somewhat extraordinary sense of the creative.  And when this is allowed to play out naturally, some of them are even quite funny.  So while the social media team at Weetabix will quite rightly walk into work the next day feeling pretty pleased with themselves (if a little sleep deprived…) all the social media teams who took part are also to thank/blame. Well, nearly all of them..

Emma McHarg

Head of Data Science

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