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Case Study: Mitre Footballs

The challenge

Mitre wanted to get to know one of their key audiences better – 10-12 year old football lovers. They were interested to find out why so many children had more than one football and what those footballs were. And they wanted to glean some interesting insights to take retailers as proof of their expertise.

Our approach

We approached the project as qualitative with a twist. Rather than sit children down in a studio or a lounge, we took the research out to meet them on the pitch. We chatted about footballs between free kick practice and water breaks, using small video cameras to pick up some great vox pops about Mitre and other brands.


The Mitre team were able to get closer to one of their core audiences. We discovered that children had a powerful command of brand, price and communications which has triggered Mitre to consider sponsorship. And all had more than one football – good news for Mitre presenting to retailers who only stock one brand.

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