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Our Top Twelve 2020 Predictions

The Nursery predicts the big trends for 2020!

With so many of our predictions coming true in 2019 - single use straws being banned and re-useable food coverings replacing cling film - The Elizabeth line not opening - Brexit not happening and avocado ice cream becoming a thing, it would have been ludicrous not to have another stab at what the big trends might be for 2020!

So, we have consulted our team of intelligent researchers to see what they think will happen in 2020.

And we never ever take any responsibility whatsoever for any life decisions made on the back of these predictions unless they come true and great wealth and notoriety are achieved in which case we would like a Christmas Card!

 Britain shown to be consuming vast amounts of protein which is shown to be a bag thing, then a good thing, and then a bad thing again. Fibre and Gut Health become the new focuses of dietary attention


 Firepits. Middle England wants a firepit.

Easter continues its campaign to be the new Christmas with marketeers and food manufacturers going to town with dedicated promotional and ad campaigns, special Easter roasts and the rise of the Easter pantomime


Flyskam, as the Swedes say: flight shaming will become more overt. No-one will actually fly less, but everyone will talk about how important it is to cut back #whatwouldgretasay

A leading coffee chain replaces cow's milk with dairy free. I Can't Believe It's Not Butter follows with an unprecedented range of new products including I Can't Believe It's Not Cream, I Can't Believe It's Not Dairy Milk and, in a campaign fronted by Gino D'Acampo, I Can't-a-Believe-a-It's Not-a-Mozzerella

House plants will become the new domestic pet. 20 and 30 somethings will dispose of their income on Super-plant-foods, Vitamin plant water, Plant Day Care and Plant Health & Wellbeing courses

New brand spokesperson Meat Loaf announces that Not On The High Street will launch it's first tranche of high street shops. Mr Loaf states they're doing that in a bold attempt to rejuvenate Britain's ailing town centres

Menopause for thought. Period poverty and Bodyform's campaign #bloodnormal brought menstruation into mainstream conversation. Now we see the silence around the menopause broken, with further scientific research into its male sibling also prominent

Influencers see their influence diminish

The 40 second ad break gathers momentum, especially during movies - time for a pee but not a cuppa, and just too awkward to fast forward through

Me and me Nan sessions - as the divide between young and old begins to feel starker and wider than ever, brands bring together 17s and 70s in research to understand common ground and how to communicate with both of these key groups

Bao Buns overtake sandwiches as London's favourite lunching option. Sainsbury's Local shelves become brim-full with Cheese & Pickle Bao, Tuna Mayo Bao and Bao BLT

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