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Our approaches in lieu of in-person qual

While traditional in-person qualitative research isn't an option at present, it doesn't mean that face to face research is impossible, nor that qualitative insight gathering needs to be put on hold.

The Nursery has already completed a lot of live, online group and individual discussions this week leading to some reassuring observations:

1. People have been keen to take part - it's a welcome break from their new working at home routines

2. That ‘we’re all in this together’ has meant a positive and constructive dynamic has been easily established

3. Participants have felt reassured to see companies still working, being proactive and planning for the future

Here is a summary of the core solutions we offer and would be happy to discuss with you in more detail:

Solution 1:Groups in Depth - live and interactive discussions held in virtual rooms
Ideal for:Idea exploration - creative development, NPD, brand positioning
In practice:Up to 4 participants per session
In depth conversations but within a shared, group environment
Up to 75 minutes each with one to one follow ups afterwards
Key benefits:Visible participants and moderator, plus opportunity to view
Screen sharing of stimuli
Spontaneous and emotional responses can be captured
Individual depth plus group energy and builds

Solution 2:Post and probe platforms - site based 'task and question' online forum
Ideal for:Proposition exploration, usage, attitude and behaviour, more complete
In practice:Community based
Anything from overnight to several weeks
Moderated to explore responses
Key benefits:  Considered responses in participants' own time
Public and/or private responses
Cost effective
Dynamic (seek explanation, introduce 'what ifs' etc)

Solution 3:In depth remote interviews
Ideal for:Anything that you would currently expect to do in face to face one to ones
In practice:Zoom, Skype or telephone
Up to an hour
Can share ideas/stimuli before, during or after the conversation
Key benefits:Deeper one to one response
Comfortable and familiar environments
Easily establish rapport
Access personal topics and harder to reach audiences

We are ready to answer any questions you may have so please call Lucy Banister, Gareth Simmonds or Pauline McGowan on 020 7734 1166 or by email to or or