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How do you transform vast amounts of customer data into a successful marketing strategy?

With so many of our interactions today being digital, organisations are able to capture massive volumes of unstructured data from customer reviews, web enquiries, social media comment and feedback.  This creates a fantastic opportunity to really understand customer needs but the sheer volume of data collected often poses problems for anyone trying to extract any real insight of real value from it.

The Bright Minds at Arkenford have helped their clients to achieve this and in doing so have saved them valuable time and money by using:

Text Analytics which uses Natural Language Processing to extract meaning from large volumes of text based data.  We provide rigorous analysis of any language based data set to provide systematic insight into its contents. In doing so we can often generate new insight which was previously invisible.

For example client 1 (a sporting body) collected 13000 visitor comments to various events over a year.  They attempted to read through these comments to get a sense of what was being said but it was time consuming and imprecise. Arkenford created a key word/phrase categorisation using Natural Language Processing including positive and negative semantics and were able to cross reference this to the event, demographics and their customer experience. An output of the study created a lexicon that the client uses for analysis every year thereby increasing speed, reducing cost and adding clear strategy to the analysis.

Client 2 (a charity) had 11000 text based web enquiries of varying nature and wanted to understand the complexities of the requests so they could respond to their clients sooner.  Arkenford were able to analyse the data providing 50000 individual issues which created a massively rich data set that was previously invisible to the client.  From this we created an interactive tool which allowed staff to examine the structure of the requests, identify touch points, understand the characteristics linked to each touchpoint and access individual requests providing a much greater understanding of the people affected.

In addition a web based reporting system called Data Access can be used which generates a strategic perspective allowing you to target specific issues and access the relevant individual comments providing one tool to give the numbers and meaning behind them

We can also devise a web scraping system which gathers industry comment about an organisation via the internet.  It can provide a one off picture or can be set up to monitor trends over time.

By using the text analytics process clients are able to quickly understand the meaning and overall picture and are able to access the detail in a fast and efficient manner. This is proved to save both time and money and drive their marketing strategy to new heights.